Dutchman in Sweats

At Schiphol, I can always tell when we’ve reached the gate with a flight to America:  half the people are wearing jeans and running shoes, the other half are wearing sweatpants.  Even sweatsuits.  No critique meant; this is pure observation.  I must admit, though, I don’t wear running shoes outside of running or walking much anymore, and sweatpants just don’t look that hot on me (but really, if we’re serious, do they look good on anybody???)… but I’ve got a little boy who is having some serious issues with things like sleeves and waistbands… comfort issues.  So every time he’s home, he wants to wear only one pair of pants:  the sweatpants I bought him a few weeks ago.  Only to Sam, they’re sportpants, and don’t try to tell him otherwise.  Aah, the stretchy waistband and soft material… and lack of whining.  It’s a win-win situation.  Only then things like school get in the way, and he has to wear other pants… that can be a problem.  

Anyway, Sam is enjoying Easter vacation, in his sportpants.  And we caught a precious moment in the garden yesterday when he was completely absorbed in his stick play.  Introducing Dutchman in Sweatsuit.  Ever wonder what that would look like?  Well here you go:

And about clogs, I need to write a post about clogs sometime.  They’ve surprised me.

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6 Responses to Dutchman in Sweats

  1. Kara says:

    Darn cute pair of sportpants, there, Ida! Hope they hold up well. I caught Eva wearing a pair of leggings (the American girl version of sportpants?) with three holes in the butt seam yesterday. Just warning you!

  2. Mom says:

    Need I remind you of some of your “fashion choices”?? I suspect you would have been over the moon with the wooden shoes to top things off. I love that kids get so sure about clothes and that you are allowing him that when you can.

  3. Mom says:

    I am still regretting that I did not save that swimsuit!! But perhaps it is best to let it live happily in my minds eye…at least I wasn’t having to deal with school at that point in time! And Kara,well there was that phase of YOURS, but we won’t get into that on Ida’s blog.

  4. michiel says:

    you do’nt dare to give details about clothing and swimsuits but I am sure I know them beeing brought up between 7 sisters.I loved the discussions.
    When you write about clogs do’nt forget to mention my favorite explanation: these little boats enable you to walk over water.

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