I voted

I voted this evening in the national elections for the new parliament…

Page one, List of Candidates (there are more on the back)

It’s kind of hard to choose.  You know, should I go with the CDA?  Or maybe the PvdA?  Or SP, VVD, PVV, D66, SGP… And those are just the ones that frequently go by their innitials.  There’s GroenLinks, ChristenUnie, Partij voor de Dieren (Animal Rights), Nieuw Nederland, Trots op Nederland, Partij voor Mens en Spirit (Spirituality), Heel NL, Partij Een and…  Heck, maybe I should have just gone for the:

Yep.  That would be the Pirate Party. 

A little different than the good ol’ two-party system, eh America?  The coming weeks will involve a frantic search for a combination of (up to four) parties that will form a coalition and become a majority in parliament.  Good luck with that…

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3 Responses to I voted

  1. Kara says:

    We voted yesterday for local/statewide positions. It was a primary, so it was a straight-party ticket. You either voted all Democratic, all Republican, or abstained. And nobody was running on issues of digital copyrighting!

    • idafischer says:

      What??? you must feel so under-represented. don’t tell me no one is looking out for the (general, vague) spirituality of the nation either?! the pirate party is active in most european countries, and maybe i should be more concerned with free access to information but I just can’t help imagining a bunch of swarthy pirates terrorizing the seas…

  2. Mom says:

    Fascinating! As an election judge here, I am curious about the whole voting “process”. I am impressed that you can make sense of what appears foreign to me!!

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