Dear Mr. Unhelpful at the U.S Consulate,

You and my five year old son, I swear:  you hear the words coming out of my mouth BUT YOU JUST DON’T LISTEN TO WHAT I’M SAYING.  You sound like a robot reciting pre-programmed lines.  An original, helpful or reassuring answer would be much appreciated, even if you truly can do nothing to change the system in place (which stinks, by the way). 

Now I’m obsessing about things I can do nothing about.  And maybe I shouldn’t blame you.  But I do.  A little bit. 



(The consulate started this new thing where you can only make appointments online.  And then there are very limited openings, depending on what you need done.  Let’s just say that, not knowing that, I wasn’t on time.  And not a single person working there can help me out ‘because the computer says so’ … grrrr)

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2 Responses to Dear Mr. Unhelpful at the U.S Consulate,

  1. Kara says:

    That US Consulate is stressing people out all over the world (at least, a few of us here in MT waiting anxiously to meet baby Mylo and see the rest of you again)!

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