Dear Mrs. Helpful and Mr. Friendly,

Thank you for making me feel like a sane, normal person during my visit to the Consulate this morning.  Thank you for listening and responding with feeling.  I really appreciate talking to people.  Mr. Friendly, thank you for making jokes about that bar with that waitress on the border between Idaho and Montana.  And Mrs. Helpful, thank you for saying you wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if you didn’t get this straightened out for me. I bet your job stinks sometimes and you get a lot of extremely angry and crabby and stressed people coming by your little windows… I hope I showed how thankful and happy I was so that you could feel rewarded for your good work.  You two are the best.  I’m sorry I lumped all you Consulate employees together with Mr.  Unhelpful.

I guess I like America okay after all.  Now I can settle down and enjoy the anticipation of our upcoming trip without a lot of stress.



P.S.  The flowers in the anti-car-bomb blockades around the building are a nice touch.  And as  intimidating and unfriendly as all that security seems, I’m thankful I can go there and not worry too much about being blown up or something.  Maarten didn’t mind taking the battery out of his cell phone at all, and it’s nice you would have allowed us to go back outside to our diaper bag if Mylo had pooped his pants while we were inside.

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