Wind, wind, go away…. and don’t come back

Today Noa had to push her push-bike down the dike on our way to school to pick up Sam.  On the way home, Mylo’s stroller rolled itself back up it.

I’m feeling a little high-strung and crabby because of it; that constant noise.  The prospect of sitting down to do my U.S. taxes after we get the kids to bed doesn’t really help.  I wish the driving store was in town.  I’d ignore all my good intentions to eat less sugar and go buy a pint of some cold creamy goodness.

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2 Responses to Windy

  1. Cadie says:

    The driving store? Please explain…

  2. idafischer says:

    that will need to wait… i’ve been meaning to write about it, but photos are a MUST, and i haven’t gotten around to taking any yet. some monday, wednesday or friday evening soon i’ll get around to it and then you’ll see!

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