Dutchman in Carharts

Awhile ago I wrote about Sam’s sport pants.   A lot of the stress concerning waistbands and such has lessened; cut back to a rare (but nonetheless fiery) flare up now and again.  But Sam, and now Noa too, are both really still into feeling sporty in their sport pants. 

They also like to feel – how shall I put it – industrious in their Carhart overalls.  Real little workers.  Serious, with the gear to show it.   What I like about them?  Double canvas on the knees! I’m tired of patching pants. 

Introducing, Dutchman in Carharts:


It’s a beautiful combination, and very authentic, too.  I mean, one only sees Carharts over here in skate shops, but back in Montana they are the staple at your local ranch supply store.  Real workers’ clothes.  And one can pick up a pair of clogs at any tourist shop over here, but the best place (and cheapest by far)  is your local farm store.  Because they (whether wooden or leather) are still the shoe of choice for many workers.  Seeing Sam get all decked out in both makes me smile; it’s the ultimate outfit for an eager little Dutch-American worker. 

So thanks, mom and dad, for sending him his new pair.  They make him so happy!

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8 Responses to Dutchman in Carharts

  1. emily says:

    Oh Ida, he is darling! I want to eat him right up.
    This is sooooo stinkin’ cute!
    Missing you,

  2. verena says:

    Indeed “stinkin’cute!” They are, but just because they are so pure happy! When I look at them my heart opens with warm feelings. Verena

  3. Heather says:

    I love it!! Too cute… he looks like such a little happy worker 🙂

  4. Becky says:

    Fun Ida — Thanks for sharing the smile! I am assuming Sam has a good role model for all that work he is doing! Does Dad wear Carharts and clogs too?

  5. Mom says:

    We’ve been traveling again so I just now got around to seeing this and I have to say, it did bring a grin…big time! What I really love, Verena mentioned…just the pure happy.
    And I wonder what clothing would offer me that same joy?! I am still looking but in the meantime I am sure glad to have grandkids in my life.

  6. Eden says:

    I love this picture of him! And your way with words to describe the industriousness. 😉

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