Scotland by bike

We are spoiled over here.  Long paid vacations and Europe at our fingertips.  For the taking.  This summer (in July) we are taking a night ferry to Scotland and driving a big loop, camping as we go.  Very exciting.  We’ve been talking to the kids a lot about Scotland; what we’ll see and do, what the weather and landscapes are like.  And recently Maarten’s brother sent along this clip from youtube with the note that we should perhaps take our bikes?

Well.  It’s caused quite a bit of discussion and speculation on Sam and Noa’s parts.  They have watched it over and over.  And they are VERY impressed.  Sam is pretty sure he could ride on some of that slanty stuff, but then without the tricks (which I find an impressively honest estimation of his own abilities). And he needs to take his elbow and knee protectors.  Just in case.  Ahem.  And Noa gives a running commentary focusing on highlights like this.  

‘And there he is again.  Oh, and there is his camper.  Does he have his very own camper? Hey, he does a backwards wheelie!  There’s his camper again…  He keeps changing his shirt but he wears the same pants the whole time!  And then he takes a little sip of his beer…’ (this is when he takes his token swig of redbull.  I explained that it’s just glorified soda pop, but I think I like her take on it better, actually) ‘And there’s the cute little stream in the mountains.  Mylo would like to play in that stream.  Me too. Can we play in that stream when we are there? Oh, and there’s his very own camper again, and now he’s on top of it… nou ja!  Hey, he’s riding on the side of a house, floops, just like that!  Can I take my bike too?’

 Needless to say, the kids are pretty sure we’re taking their bikes to Scotland.  Watch out, campgrounds, here we come!  We are planning on having a wonderful trip, bikes or no bikes.  Not that ‘no bikes’ is really an option any more.  And for those of you not so keen on all the bike stuff, well, the video shows some lovely Scottish landscapes…

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2 Responses to Scotland by bike

  1. Cadie says:

    What a wonderful vacation you have coming up! We all watched this video and were extremely impressed. Ezias had a lot of comments, but he pretty much summed it up with one of them: “He sure does a lot of jumping around!” And we think you should definitely bring your bikes 🙂 (Can a nice Dutch family really go vacationing without them?)

    • idafischer says:

      I can just hear Ezias’ little voice saying that! I think you’re right, if we want to be a proper Dutch family, there really isn’t much of a choice… bikes it will be.

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