Holliday Update

While mostly absent here, Sinterklaas was a very REAL presence in our lives this year.  He came to visit while we were celebrating Pakjes Avond at Maarten’s brother’s home.  He came after dark, his 3 Zwarte Pieten banging on the windows and doorsSam was so nervous he couldn’t stop yanking on the string of his wind-up top; making an annoyingly loud whirring noise the entire time he was talking to the Saint (until Maarten gently took it out of his hands).  He hardly dared look the man in the face, but he managed.  My nephew B. was very polite but completely breathless.  Noa stood on one foot the whole time and looked like she wasn’t breathing.  At all.  It was serious stuff for those kids.  Thrilling (and a tad bit scary, too, I think).  Thanks, Fine, for making our last Sinterklaas here extra special! 

 In other Holliday news;

We gave ourselves a week to recover from all that excitement, and then Maarten took the kids to the village next door to pick out a Christmas tree in the square.  They came back with a beauty and we decorated it last Sunday. 

Mylo has only broken one ornament and he swears it was an accident. 

 I actually managed to make a stocking for Mylo on time for Christmas this year, which was more than I had hoped for. 

 And just so that I never forget how to turn a heel (I have to look it up every time because I do it an average of once every 1 1/2 years), I’m now working on 6 mini stockings for my nieces and nephews.  Ha.  That will teach me.  But other than a little knitting stress (which, if I’m honest, I kind of get off on), we are taking it slow this year.  Savouring the quiet moments and the glow of lights inside when it is dark outside.  Nibbling on a few Christmas cookies, but not too many.  Using the nasty wind and rain outside as an excuse to curl up inside with books and games and movies.  Turning Christmas Cards into Winter Greetings (so yes, you’ll get one, just don’t expect it before the New Year.  We are too busy doing not much of anything)…

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4 Responses to Holliday Update

  1. Kara says:

    The photos of your visit from Sinterklaas astounded the American cousins as well! What a wonderful memory for all of you.

  2. Manuela Thames says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ida.
    It seems like all of you are well. By the way, Mylo’s hair looks exactly like Tristan’s. Seriously. I have to send you a picture.
    Enjoy this time of year.

    • ida says:

      So Tristan’s is white and straight as a stick too? It’s a pretty cute look, if i may say so… Please do send photos- lots! Merry Christmas to you all as well- we think of you often.

  3. Mom says:

    ‘Tis the season of surprise and wonder. I love how little faces reflect that. Glad your family is getting a good dose. The lighted tree in the house remains high on my list of seasonal wonders.
    But then I’ve never been visited by Sinterklaas and his Zwarte Pieten!

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