Halloween Wrap-up

So here they are:

This one just kills me… we told Noa to turn and look over her shoulder so that we could see her tail.  I showed her how, and Mylo had it down pat long before Noa understood what I was asking.  I was doubled up laughing.  He wouldn’t stop, either, but posed like that for the rest of the photos.

I took the kids around the village while Maarten stayed home to welcome trick-or-treaters.  We wandered around in a loop, up and down the hill… I enjoyed the fact that a fair amount of walking with long open stretches between houses is required in some areas; it makes for a lower candy/time-spent-trick-or-treating ratio.

It was a lovely, mild evening and it was so fun being out at dusk with the kids.  The last street was in the dark, and the kids’ bags were getting heavy enough they really felt like they made a killing while it wasn’t so much that I felt the need to – ahem – intervene (except for Mylo; his pile is disappearing at an alarming rate, not that he notices).

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5 Responses to Halloween Wrap-up

  1. Mary says:

    What great costumes! Did you make them?

    • idafischer says:

      yep! hooray for cheap felt… they were actually pretty easy to put together, what with all the normal clothes involved.
      hug yourself and pat your belly for me. you look lovely 8 mo. pregnant!

  2. Eden says:

    I love the “ehem, intervene” comment. 🙂 Woman after my own heart.

  3. verena says:

    they looked so happy, nearly shining in the dark! Halloween appears more and more in Europe, I met an illuminated ghoost, but the trick and trade they keep for November 11th. I really like the costumes.

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