Sint Nikolaas

december 020december 023december 021Well, our first 5th of December in America… I must say the kids didn’t blink an eye at not being able to set their shoe in the weeks leading up to the 5th, and no bag of presents waiting on the doorstep?  No problem.  They set out their shoes on the evening of the 4th, sang their hearts out (Mylo joined in with ‘klaas’ every time), then went to bed and tried to sleep ‘right away’ so that the Piet Sinterklaas had promised he’d send for them could do his work.

december 034And their boots full of treats and a few small toys? Well Sam likened it to Pakjes Avond itself!  I’m so thankful for flexible and enthusiastic kids.  Maarten’s parents put together a wonderful package of all the traditional sweets, so it was very authentic and the children couldn’t have been happier.

december 018We baked pepernoten (mini ginger cookies) on Monday and I tried my hand at a traditional pastry called a banketstaaf.  My mother-in-law was right, the flip side to being away is that you can make of the holiday what you will.  I already see some lovely new family traditions forming.

I’ve cleared a place in the living room for a tree, and Christmas decorations have slowly been appearing, but as usual, I’ve kept off most things until after Sinterklaas.  One thing at a time.

december 038

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1 Response to Sint Nikolaas

  1. Verena Fischer says:

    A good question, where shall we put the shoes, is there a chimeny? Oké where it supposed to be, thats’ the place to be and look: he really came and no question with the children. They accept it as it is. Wonderful. What a beatiful drawings, before you throw it away, please send them to me! I don’t have grandchildren who make such beatiful drawings. There must be some genes from Ida?!
    It was again wonderful. Verena

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