We had our first camping trip this weekend.  This morning I’m doing laundry, cleaning up, putting away, baking, playing catch-up.  The kids are dressed up as a knight, a baby, and a ‘girl that is sometimes a princess’.  I’m pretty sure you can figure out who is who.  The peaceful playing is common with home-comings.  It’s as if all their toys and the rooms in the house are fresh and new to them.  It makes all the work surrounding a weekend away like that a lot easier.

We went over to the East side of Glacier Park, and camped at Rising Sun. I love the East side;  it always feels so far from home, even though it’s just a 2+ hour drive.  Some friends joined us Saturday and Sunday we hiked into Saint Mary’s Falls and Virginia Falls… a perfect hike for kids.  A stop up at Logan Pass (just open this weekend) on the way back home to play in the snow topped things off perfectly.  It’s a recipe we’ll have to repeat a few times this summer, I hope!

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2 Responses to Camping

  1. verena says:

    wonderful, it is freedom, adventure, timeless, together, improvisation, joy, it is nearly everything you need for happiness.

  2. Milja says:

    Wow Ida and Maarten, that looks like fun!
    Beautiful pictures, the photographer is a real artist!
    The one with Noah in the tree super!
    Mooi avontuurlijk leven lijkt het.
    Leuk jullie zo te zien.

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