Fall Delights

September just might be my favorite month.  It starts out still feeling like summer, and ends with such a delightful crisp chill to the evenings and mornings.  The colors are starting to show up on the hillsides around our house and the first skiff of snow has arrived in the higher mountain tops.  We’ve started busying ourselves with house/garden chores that were put aside for all the fun of summer.  It feels good to put on a sweater and go work outside, rather than just play.

Not that we haven’t been playing. We squeezed in a lot of fun this month:  a hike up Mt Aeneas, a party for my brother and his wife, a half marathon for me, a trip down to the Hiawatha Bike Trail just over the border in Idaho with some friends…  It has been delightful.

augustus en september 022

N joined us this year for the first time, and she did great!

augustus en september 021augustus en september 028augustus en september 037

My brother and his wife celebrated their first anniversary with a delightful party at my parents' house

My brother and his wife celebrated their first anniversary with a delightful party at my parents’ house

september 016

The tunnels (the first one over a mile long) and high trestles make this trail SO fun!

september 043

The number of times I’ll have a sleeping M on my bikes are, well, numbered. I’ll miss it.

september 024september 030september 033september 039september 054september 056M looked forward to the ride back up to the top on the school bus ALL day; he couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long to get to what would-obviously-be the most exciting part of the entire trip!  Here he is, finally.  It was everything he hoped it would be.

We ended up camping on the Clark Fork River, just North of St. Regis.  It was a lovely spot, if a bit noisy.  The trains run at night, too, and while the kids claim to have woken up every time, I can vouch that they didn’t because I most certainly was awake and they didn’t make a peep.september 075september 061september 065september 062september 068Back home, I’ve been working on putting up our bumper crop of tomatoes and enjoying getting back into the swing of painting after a summer of doing next to nothing with it.  N was home sick this past week and we sat down one afternoon while the littlest napped to paint together.  Complete Bliss.  I tell you.  september 087september 088So that’s September.  I’m sorry to see it go, but M is checking the mountains for snow every day (I know part of this is because he has a strong association of SNOW and SANTA-just ask him, he will tell you ALL about it), and has already found it necessary to wear his mittens twice.  S and N check for frost each morning on their walk down to the school bus and keep asking me what my favorite winter activity is.  Apparently I’m the only one wanting to hold onto this transitional season a little longer; all I ask is no snow in our yard till November, okay?

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3 Responses to Fall Delights

  1. verena says:

    what a wonderful report again and it confirmes my frase: sharing is multipling. Even when I wasn’g there I nearly can feel it. Really great. Thank you for all this richness.

  2. helmy says:

    Wow, beautiful! And I like the pictures very much 🙂

  3. Oh my word! You have been busy!

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