A Fall Hike

october 034Last week the kids had a long weekend, and we had spectacular weather to enjoy with it!  On Friday I met my mom and sister with all the kids and we took them on a short hike up near Whitefish.  The Larch trees, now brilliant yellow, were just starting to change, caught between that light green and pale new yellow.  The open forest let the afternoon sunlight shine through and it lit up all the fall foliage even more.  The kids played for an hour or so at the overlook where we stopped; we could hardly tear them away from it to head back, but then they were running chasing laughing all the way down; hiding in grass head high along the old logging road.

It’s still beautiful out; we’re being treated to an amazing fall. Again, as last year, I realize how important this time is, charging up batteries for the long winter ahead, soaking up every bit of sunshine and afternoons warm enough for shirt sleeves.  Now as I write the morning mist is starting to burn off and the sun is shining through, turning everything golden.october 031october 032october 039october 042october 048

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