november 073I’m thankful for so much, really, it always is hard to narrow it down to a short list.  But right now, the last few days, I’m especially thankful for ice.  Clean, hard, clear ice and the chance it gives us to get out and enjoy something that means so much to Maarten, and now for me as well.  We grew up keeping an eye out for skate-able ice and took advantage of it whenever we could, but my years in the Netherlands have given me that much more appreciation for it!  I feel like the ice we’ve had these past two winters has been a ‘knipoog’ (wink) from God, as they say in Dutch.  I just hope Maarten doesn’t start thinking this is normal for here;  normal normally means snow with these temperatures.  We’ll certainly take what we can, though!

Smith Lake November 2013november 062november 068november 069november 087november 089november 095november 098november 100november 102november 109We skated with family and friends on Wednesday, took a break for Thanksgiving yesterday (well, Maarten went on his own), then the five of us went on an adventure around to the far side of the lake today.  It was amazing, in and out among the reeds and rushes, along two beaver (or muskrat?) houses, around little islands and then back again.  S skated like a champion on his Zandstras… made his papa proud.  Hopefully we’ll get to go at least once more, but there is a chance of snow in the forecast for this weekend.

And if by chance you’d like to see even more, here’s a little video I made of the skating today:

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4 Responses to Thankful

  1. verena says:

    WHAT A PARTY; and whar a good exemple of cross-cultural fertilisation! (is this good english?)

  2. Emily says:

    So great!!! I really loved the video! You have much to be thankful for!!!

  3. ali booster says:

    wat een heerlijk schaatsparadijs , doet mijn Friese hart goed , fijne dagen gewenst , Aly Booster.

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