Smith Lake 2014

017We headed out right after school yesterday, stopped to pick up Maarten at his work and drove out to Smith Lake West of Kalispell.  Sam was excited and nervous to try out his new skates from Oma and Opa:

His first real lage noren!  After Opa saw a video of Sam skating last year on his beginner zandstras,

he deemed him ready for the real deal and they brought him a pair when they visited this summer as an early Christmas present.  For the first time in his life, maybe, Sam had realistically low expectations of how it would go.  We talked about how they would feel different, and it might take a few times to get used to them.  Well, he got out there and skated his heart out and loved every minute of it!  It was so fun to see him excited and happy instead of frustrated!

We had to pull the kids off the ice in the dark (I retreated to the car earlier to warm up), completely frozen (us, not  them).  It was a magical evening, and so special to be out there with my parents and my sister and her kids.  And the cold is predicted to stay at least through the weekend!  Maybe by then we’ll be able to skate on Somers Bay again, and my sister, Maarten and I are harboring hopes to be able to skate the Stillwater river as well!

Proud boy!

Proud boy!


Happy Mama


Nice Grandma


Cute Papa and Cute Boy


Sweet Sister (also skating like a champ this year!)

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8 Responses to Smith Lake 2014

  1. Beautiful photo’s Ida, delightful to see pictures of ice as we’re going through a heatwave at the moment… You’ve got gorgeous kids, have fun skating!

  2. Jos says:

    Wow, en wat een mooi ijs!!!! Gaaf hoor! Geniet ervan!

  3. verena says:

    Scating gives me wings and is the most wonderful feaver that exists, Schaatskoorts.

  4. Anke says:

    Nu ben ik jaloers! Dat is nog eens winter! Prachtig ijs, zonder hobbelig bevroren/gedooide/en opnieuw bevroren sneeuw. Ik geniet van jullie foto’s!

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