Just One More…

Please allow me just one more skating post?  I promise, this will be the end, at least for awhile.  Temperatures are creeping up, but more importantly, there is a tiny fresh skiff of snow on the ground and more precipitation due to come.  But oh my goodness, we made the most of it this year!  My house is gross.  Really, gross.  I haven’t cooked many solid meals in the past week and a half, but our souls are filled up on so many delightful skating adventures.  I can always clean and cook during the rest of the grey inversion that has crept into the valley and makes me want to stay indoors.

We had another beautiful evening on Smith lake Wednesday after school; skating out in the very middle made the small lake seem enormous and the ice was glowing in the sunset.  CIMG8030And then Thursday morning Maarten took Mylo into work while my sister and I squeezed in an hour skate on the Stillwater River before she had to go to work, just the two of us.  We headed towards Kalispell this time, where Maarten had skated the day before, so we knew it was safe.  There were just two spots where we still saw open water, and the rest of the ice was amazingCIMG8042 CIMG8044Happy sisters.

So now, life will slowly return to normal.  Thanksgiving next week and my nieces’ Nutcracker performance will kick off the Holiday season.

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2 Responses to Just One More…

  1. helmy says:

    Wauw!! Beautiful! 🙂

  2. Verena says:

    sharing/dealing with one’s happiness makes 1+1 more than 2. Thank you for your happiness.

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