The clouds have lowered into the valley as they tend to do here in the winter at times.  I can barely see the field across the street down by the Post Office.  It’s good to have the lights of the Christmas tree on a day like today to brighten up the grey.  And it’s good to remember moments like the last stretch of clear, cold weather we had.  We went over to Wayfarers Park on the Northeast shore of Flathead Lake to see how the waves had frozen onto the rocky shore.  And Maarten snapped this beautiful photo of our downstairs storm window:CIMG8103CIMG8097CIMG8144 CIMG8137 CIMG8133 CIMG8126 CIMG8125The sun is shining out there somewhere!

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1 Response to Inversion

  1. Michiel says:

    Wat een mooie plaatjes! Wat een mooie natuur daar!

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