We had a low-key, cozy Saint Nicholas celebration this year; since moving back to America, Sinterklaas has taken a back seat gift-wise, just as Christmas did when we were in the Netherlands.  Balancing and celebrating both traditions has always been and remains tricky but I feel like we are getting the hang of it.

The kids set out their shoes on December 6th because Maarten was home late on the 5th.  They all took such time and effort with their pictures for the Good Saint.  Noa had finished hers weeks ago and kept it on the fridge until needed.  Sam worked on his Saturday morning, and then Mylo copied Sam’s idea (he’s got a case of Big Brother Hero Worship going on):

CIMG8174CIMG8172CIMG8173They each put a carrot in their shoes (I admit, I might have suggested that they use their clogs…) for the horse and then sang their hearts out.  All requirements if you are hoping for a shoe full of goodies in the morning.  Mylo has been practicing a few of the classics and I was so proud to see him singing along.  Here’s the song list Noa wrote up especially for the occasion: CIMG8179After the kids went to bed Maarten finished writing the poems (Sinterklaas leaves poems along with the goodies, reflecting on each child’s past year). He’s a pro.  And then I rewrite them so that the kids can actually read them. We make a good team.  CIMG8171Notice Mylo’s contribution to the poem? He’s been into writing his name lately. CIMG8181 CIMG8177Maarten’s mom has been kind enough to supply us with authentic Dutch goodies each year, making the magic live on… Thanks Oma!

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2 Responses to Sinterklaas

  1. Verena says:

    So many songs! The kids here didn’t sing so many! Great how you keep it alive, it brings so much happiness.

  2. margriet says:

    Ida, how great that you keep this wonderful tradition alive! Pepernoten in de klompen, super cool. We wish you all a beautiful December with joy and happiness. Bye, Margriet

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