Snow Days


We had the pleasure of extending our two week Christmas Vacation by two extra days due to heavy snow this week!  The kids were thrilled and played outside for hours and hours each day, filling our yard with snow forts, caves and tunnels.  I joined them and rediscovered my love of building snow forts … my dad used to plow our long driveway and we’d build all sorts of caves and tunnels through the big piles; those are some of my favorite childhood memories.  Oh, and I shoveled.  A lot.  CIMG8423 CIMG8426 CIMG8429CIMG8440CIMG8445Check out this snowball on Sam’s shoelace.

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2 Responses to Snow Days

  1. Jos says:

    Ohhhh cool! You guys are so lucky! First the ice and skating and now this snow! We enjoy seeing you, having so much fun!

  2. Verena says:

    Oh yes I remember when I had the same age as Sam&Noa and lived in Sweden we made them too.We also made a big snowman with arms strong enough to sit on. First we trow water over it and next day it was strong enough.

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