Archery in Clogs

Through the years I’ve documented the kids doing things in clogs. I was fascinated to learn when I moved there that the old-style wooden clogs (that I figured were just a tourist commodity now) are still very much used by laborers and farmers all over the Netherlands. And my son. Sam has been the most dedicated clog-wearer of the three. He still uses them here to run (yes, he runs in them… it’s a skill) down to the Post Office or pick up something from the local hardware store. The other kids complain that they hurt if they were them too long. I’d have to agree.

Right now Sam’s in our back yard shooting his new re-curve bow that he saved up for with his allowance.  He’s as dedicated to that bow at the moment as he is to his clogs, so it comes as no surprise that I was able to snap this shot:  CIMG8628Oh, and he’s barefoot. Double hardcore.

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2 Responses to Archery in Clogs

  1. Verena says:

    when his opa was Sinterklaas an old lady came and said: when I was a young girl I only had clogs and walked for miles to school. Sam is really hardcore, it looks like spring.

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