A Taste of Ice

We’ve had a few little ice ‘blips’ this year; and in true Dutch-style we’ve made the most of each one.  Way back in November Maarten managed to only fall through once on the Stillwater River, then deemed it safe enough a few days later for an epic skate down it from Whitefish to Kalispell with a group of other local adventurous souls.  More recently we enjoyed a few days of skating on our own Somers Bay.  Poor Noa, having broken her leg on our first family ski day of the season, couldn’t join us but she had a fun afternoon playing with her cousin while we snuck out.

Mylo graduated to single blades this year and sped around like a champion.  Sam is now wearing my speed skates, and I enjoyed my pain-free, warm, supportive Swedish touring skates (Cross country ski boots that click onto blades).  It was delightful.

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3 Responses to A Taste of Ice

  1. verena says:

    Oh, my heart becomes warmer and warmer. So great to see my passion is alive and will stay.

  2. Carla says:

    ik ben jaloers op jullie. Ik zou ook wel willen schaatsen op natuurijs. Het is deze winter in Nederland echt te warm voor ijs. We zien nu al narcissen in de bloei…..
    Geniet er van, groetjes,

    • idafischer says:

      Ja, dat hoorde ik! Jammer van de winter daar… Maar hier is het ook onnatuurlijk warm op moment… february is meestal onze koudste maand met het meeste sneeuw, en het is steeds aan het dooien! Een beetje gek! Doe de groeten aan iedereen van mij.

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