Valentine’s day is all about the cards for me… always has been. My mom made sure we always had all the supplies on hand to make our school valentines, and I remember the fun of cutting up paper doilies and mixing reds and pinks; something I love but rarely do. Now, years later, I force my kids to make their own valentines (with mixed reactions) and the one thing I ask from my husband is a homemade card.  Each year I think up a new theme for cards for my family and it has become something I really look forward to.

So it feels maybe a little hypocritical to then make some for sale; shouldn’t I be encouraging everyone to break out the doilies, construction paper and glue sticks?  Plus I’d love to not contribute to the material frenzy…. But then again, I’m not Halmark, and I don’t actually make a profit with what I’m doing, so you could see it more as supporting an artist’s habit.  Most importantly, I have had SO much fun thinking up a fun series that I could share with others; it has made my heart happy.

My brother gave me a bunch of new watercolor materials for Christmas this year, and I was excited to get back into them after using mostly acrylic for the last few years.  I forgot how fun they are; I used to almost only use watercolor so coming back to them now feels familiar but fresh!

Now available in my shop (link above)… check them out!:Etsy Greeting Cards

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4 Responses to Valentines

  1. verena says:

    I have the cards and in real their are even more beautiful. I’m sure the people who get them will be very pleased and as happy as a was to send them. A full recommandation.

  2. Carla says:

    Erg mooi Ida, mijn complimenten!

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