CIMG2562-002I’m learning to put creative aspirations aside in the Summer; I’m able to enjoy the time with my kids much more if I’m not fretting about not doing enough artwork on the side.  So this Summer I essentially resolved to do nothing with it, which was liberating, but now I’m excited to get back into it this fall as our regular schedule resumes.  I have a number of projects up my sleeve that I’m excited about, plus some much-needed updating of my Etsy shop.  So stay tuned as September rolls around!

That said, not doing artwork doesn’t mean that my head and heart aren’t being filled with inspiration… it’s hard not to be inspired when out enjoying the beauty that surrounds us here in Montana.  I’m sure some of this is going to make its way onto paper soon:


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2 Responses to Summertime

  1. Verena says:

    Wonderful to see you back with your Ida observations. You allways succeed to show me other sides of reality. Michiel

  2. Anna says:

    Quintessential Flathead valley as I remember it too, as always your everyday family stories are so rewarding to read, thanks, xxxm

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