My table is shaking as I type. There is another ‘wind event’ of sorts today. Force 10, I heard, but judging from the spray that is flying off the lake and coming in through the cracks of our upstairs dormer window, some gusts feel even stronger. Also, my toilet shook while I was sitting on it this morning. I kid you not. They should put that on the Beaufort Wind Scale. Shaking toilets.

Earlier, Sam and his friend decided to try to ride their bikes to school anyway. The wind wasn’t at its peak yet, but I was glad Maarten offered to accompany them through the open polder section. It was a side wind, and Sam fell over once and his friend twice. They made it just fine. This is what is called Building Character.

At the peak of the storm the wind pushed huge waves up over the dike and water filled our yard. It was intimidating and impressive.

Now the worst has passed, and the sun even peaked through before the rain started, just to add a little more wetness to our already sopping wet situation. I heard after that gusts reached 70 mph.E92FAE64-45B5-49D4-B517-E041F9273AFA

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5 Responses to Storm

  1. verena says:

    never a dull moment. You don’t need to do something for excitement. I also must laugh when I read it you made such a good story of something really shaking.

  2. mom says:

    My hair was raised all the way over here Ida! A good story can do that. Glad that it has passed safely. Hope your island dries out quickly. Doesn’t appear that spirits were dampened!

  3. Marijke says:

    Mother Nature is sure impressive!

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