Skinny Jeans

Fashion has never been known to take into account all the glorious variety of women’s bodies. It takes us all and tries to cram us into, for example, skinny jeans, when maybe not everyone’s finest bits are highlighted by the style. I, for one, don’t have skinny jean legs. I have the magnificent, strong and sturdy Brubaker calves instead. Anyway, since we moved to the Netherlands I have desperately needed new jeans but I have yet to find ‘normal’ pants. As in not skinny, which apparently is the new normal. I did find some hopeful ‘boyfriend’ jeans but that ended up meaning baggy butt and tight calves. Weird, and again, not the best look for me.

I got so desperate that I finally caved and bought a pair of cheap skinny jeans at the Hema to help tide me over until I found some jeans I actually like. I wear them now and have somewhat come to terms with them. The problem is, though, that a lot, well, almost all, of my socks are not really skinny jean compatible. Sometimes, when I am just at home and don’t have ankle socks or I forget to put my socks on first, this happens:  7AF96908-FD15-4BE9-832D-B6EE93367973And then I chuckle every time I look down because all I can think of is 5th grade and all that folding and rolling of the pant legs to, well, make them skinny at the ankles. I remember debating…socks up over the jeans or slouched down below the roll. But with skinny jeans this is so much easier. The damn socks don’t even really fit under the jeans because they are so tight. We’ve come so far.BDBDE71E-5CDF-4587-847E-3049FCD52148Side bangs, baggy turtleneck sweatshirt, rolled baggy jeans, slouched socks and brown loafers. And don’t you dare think of wearing your backpack on both shoulders.

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5 Responses to Skinny Jeans

  1. verena says:

    So special the way you can describe a desperate problem. You are totally right, it IS a problem, I think for the most of us to find a perfect (skinny) jeans. And when you ask me whats’ my favorite? Not a skinny one.

  2. Marijke says:

    You have my giggling along here.
    I ended up with skinny jeans when a bossy but sweet sales lady demanded that I would at least try them. I love them now!
    Since I live in my Birkenstocks all year (another thing I had to be bossed in to try), no dramas with socks too. The perks of living in a subtropical area… 😉

  3. mom says:

    All I can add from Montana is…long live the “boot -cut” jean!

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