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1-86b41ee0-108b-4e30-9c3e-d682f288dcadWelcome! I am an American married to a Dutch man with three wonderful Dutch-American children.   I (mostly) enjoy juggling two cultures and countries, but it can be very trying at times.  I’ve found that writing about my experiences helps me to keep a healthy perspective on life – both as an ex-pat and as a mother (which involves just as many challenges, if not more)- and to see the humor in it all.

We moved back to the United States in May 2012 after 9 wonderful years in the Netherlands.  We thoroughly enjoyed 5 years in my home state of Montana, soaking up time with family and friends and exploring the beautiful lakes and mountains at our doorstep.  In August 2017 we moved back across the pond and we are now re-adjusting to life in the Lowlands. Our kids are older, this transition has been harder and we miss so much, but we are determined to make the most of our time here. Our life, caught between these two countries, has taught us to be flexible and enjoy where we are. We truly are, as my blog title implies, a family ‘in transit.’ Who knows where we will be another 5 years down the road. Time will tell… Stay tuned!



4 Responses to About Me

  1. Marcel Vijn says:

    Hello there!
    I already heard from Arjan Monteny that you had a lot of sickness while you were traveling to America. I am glad to read en see from your blog that now everything is allright and that you are enjoying your stay in Montana.
    Greetings (especially to Maarten),
    Marcel Vijn

  2. ikke says:

    that’s not montana..i’m sure..amazed to (hi ida, my english teacher had us doing a test last week – it said ‘amaze’ always goes with ‘at’-mhmm) see three ‘additional’ people crowding the picture….looks beautiful..kisses.. the ol’ german

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