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Creeping In

When we first moved back, a lot of people were curious about our kids and how they identify themselves: do they feel more Dutch (after all they were born here and lived here the first 7, 5 and 2 years … Continue reading

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Winter’s Last Hurrah

The birds are starting to chirp at 6:30 and it is light when my eldest leaves on his bike at 7:30. These are things I have been anticipating eagerly for some time now. I am happy to be heading into … Continue reading

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Etsy Shop Re-opened!

It has taken me 6 months, but I can finally announce that my new, Dutch-based Etsy shop is now officially opened! There was all sorts of snafu with changing to a foreign bank account using my old shop based in … Continue reading

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Skinny Jeans

Fashion has never been known to take into account all the glorious variety of women’s bodies. It takes us all and tries to cram us into, for example, skinny jeans, when maybe not everyone’s finest bits are highlighted by the … Continue reading

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My table is shaking as I type. There is another ‘wind event’ of sorts today. Force 10, I heard, but judging from the spray that is flying off the lake and coming in through the cracks of our upstairs dormer … Continue reading

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Not a Fan

Amos, it turns out, really hates, I mean like abhors, the wind and wet. Which means, as he lets us know on a daily basis, that he is decidedly not a fan of Dutch fall and winter. Spring won’t be … Continue reading

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I’ve been feeling fragile for awhile now. A month or so.  I keep so busy navigating the needs and worries of my high-sensitive kids that I sometimes forget to attend to my own sensitivities. They came by it honestly, after … Continue reading

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