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I’ve been feeling fragile for awhile now. A month or so.  I keep so busy navigating the needs and worries of my high-sensitive kids that I sometimes forget to attend to my own sensitivities. They came by it honestly, after … Continue reading

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I’ve written about Valentine’s day before; how the one thing we do for each other is make homemade cards.  Plus a special breakfast. This year I had so much fun with my theme for Maarten and the kids:Mylo hugged me … Continue reading

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Tuesdays I get to set my mothering aside and do this for the day (as long as I don’t let errands and chores distract me): Today I lovingly wrote out the words to go with my design for two bookplates.  … Continue reading

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Fall Delights

September just might be my favorite month.  It starts out still feeling like summer, and ends with such a delightful crisp chill to the evenings and mornings.  The colors are starting to show up on the hillsides around our house … Continue reading

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Pretty nice location, isn’t it?  This photo tells you a few important things: 1.  My husband is great.  After a hot, crabby day, he gave me the evening off after dinner and took the kids swimming and is now putting … Continue reading

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Up until now, Noa has just been going to school half-days.  Kids are required to attend school fulltime from 5 on, so parents of four-year-olds in group 1 can choose to send them part-time, or not at all.  In the fall, Noa definitely … Continue reading

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Awhile back I asked Noa to draw Sinterklaas on our window.  He’s been in the country for a few weeks now; Monday is pakjes avond already.  She happily got out the window paints and went to work.  Drawing not Sinterklaas, but Santa Claus.  … Continue reading

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