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Dates like that with visible history still blow my mind. This church we passed on our bike ride today was built that year. The sign says it now serves as a starting point for some pilgrims walking to Santiago de … Continue reading

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The Corps of Discovery (is in my backyard)

*Written Friday* You’ll never guess who just walked in and asked me for a jump rope: Sacajawea!  She was getting bored waiting on the back porch for Lewis and Clark to finish trying out their new quill pens on the front porch (journal entries, I … Continue reading

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Sint Maarten

Elf November is de dag/November 11 is the day Dat mijn lichtje/That my little light, Dat mijn lichtje/That my little light, Elf November is de dag/November 11 is the day Dat mijn lichtje branden mag/That my little light can shine. It’s gusting up to … Continue reading

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  I could write a lot of things about Texel.  It’s an island off the Northwest coast of the Netherlands, the first in a chain stretching Northwards.  It’s the biggest, and can be terribly crowded and touristy in the summer … Continue reading

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