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I’ve been feeling fragile for awhile now. A month or so.  I keep so busy navigating the needs and worries of my high-sensitive kids that I sometimes forget to attend to my own sensitivities. They came by it honestly, after … Continue reading

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  I have written before about juggling two cultures and all the traditions and holidays that come with that. Fourteen years in I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it. Halloween was the first big US … Continue reading

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The One with the Most to Lose

Our eldest had the most to lose with this move. He is in a phase of life when he is working at shaping his identity, becoming the person he wants to be. He has very strong opinions and a strong … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice?

So Maarten and I sometimes joke with each other; why couldn’t you be Dutch, or why couldn’t you be from Montana?  Things would be so much easier… And the thing is, we are joking, because we both know full well … Continue reading

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It’s quiet in my house now.  M is sleeping, and the eldest two are at their first day back to school.  First and Third grade.  Big kids, but still so little as I walked away from them, their shoulders set … Continue reading

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Tonight I enjoyed reading back over the past year of my blog.  It’s been an incredible year of intense joy, adventure, play, hardship and change.   We made the absolute most of our last year in the Netherlands, and reading the … Continue reading

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Electrical Outlet

So there’s this old electrical outlet in our kitchen that was revealed when we removed a giant mirror in order to paint the wall.  And every time I look at it, I have a twinge of homesickness.  The round hole … Continue reading

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