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The One with the Most to Lose

Our eldest had the most to lose with this move. He is in a phase of life when he is working at shaping his identity, becoming the person he wants to be. He has very strong opinions and a strong … Continue reading

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I’m learning to put creative aspirations aside in the Summer; I’m able to enjoy the time with my kids much more if I’m not fretting about not doing enough artwork on the side.  So this Summer I essentially resolved to do … Continue reading

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Low Water Adventures

Flathead Lake water levels are regulated by a hydroelectric dam on the Flathead river just after it exits the lake’s South end.  It was Kerr dam all my life, but was recently acquired by the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe, on … Continue reading

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A White Saint Patrick’s

We all got fooled by the leprechauns this morning!  We woke up to a solid blanket of white and the kids were completely thrilled.  So much so that even though we didn’t really get up and running until just past … Continue reading

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A Taste of Ice

We’ve had a few little ice ‘blips’ this year; and in true Dutch-style we’ve made the most of each one.  Way back in November Maarten managed to only fall through once on the Stillwater River, then deemed it safe enough … Continue reading

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Noa + Coyotes

They both kept me up last night.  That’s about all they have in common.  I went for a run this morning and the carcass of a dear that had been along the highway was dragged a few yards further down … Continue reading

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Snow Days

  We had the pleasure of extending our two week Christmas Vacation by two extra days due to heavy snow this week!  The kids were thrilled and played outside for hours and hours each day, filling our yard with snow … Continue reading

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Just One More…

Please allow me just one more skating post?  I promise, this will be the end, at least for awhile.  Temperatures are creeping up, but more importantly, there is a tiny fresh skiff of snow on the ground and more precipitation … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is so very hard to climb out of the hole you are inhabiting and take a look at the world around you from a different, broader, perspective.  Last night I got a chance to climb my roof and … Continue reading

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Playing Catch-up

I hate to have skipped the entire month of April, because it was a great one, and I hate playing catch-up on here but May has been SO chock full of goodness, I just can’t let it go before moving … Continue reading

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