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Just One More…

Please allow me just one more skating post?  I promise, this will be the end, at least for awhile.  Temperatures are creeping up, but more importantly, there is a tiny fresh skiff of snow on the ground and more precipitation … Continue reading

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Sometimes it is so very hard to climb out of the hole you are inhabiting and take a look at the world around you from a different, broader, perspective.  Last night I got a chance to climb my roof and … Continue reading

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Playing Catch-up

I hate to have skipped the entire month of April, because it was a great one, and I hate playing catch-up on here but May has been SO chock full of goodness, I just can’t let it go before moving … Continue reading

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The Corps of Discovery (is in my backyard)

*Written Friday* You’ll never guess who just walked in and asked me for a jump rope: Sacajawea!  She was getting bored waiting on the back porch for Lewis and Clark to finish trying out their new quill pens on the front porch (journal entries, I … Continue reading

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It’s Spring!

I spent the first day of spring snowshoeing in Glacier Park with my daughter’s first grade class.  There was still a good two feet of snow on the ground, the temperature was just a few degrees above freezing and the … Continue reading

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Snow Angel

We are in winter heaven here… 8 inches of pure fluff fell last night!

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Baby, it’s Cold Outside!

This is one of our (older) windows… they are icing up beautifully.  The temperature rose to 10 degrees Fahrenheit today and the snow has come.  I don’t mind.  It feels so delightfully wintery.  Maarten squeezed in one last sunny, clear … Continue reading

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