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I’m learning to put creative aspirations aside in the Summer; I’m able to enjoy the time with my kids much more if I’m not fretting about not doing enough artwork on the side.  So this Summer I essentially resolved to do … Continue reading

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And so it goes…

… I went outside just now to water the grass seed I’d spread a few days ago.  I watered half of it, then I noticed more quack grass in my rock work so I started to pull it out.  That led … Continue reading

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Low Water Adventures

Flathead Lake water levels are regulated by a hydroelectric dam on the Flathead river just after it exits the lake’s South end.  It was Kerr dam all my life, but was recently acquired by the Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribe, on … Continue reading

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Open Window

It’s been unseasonably warm here of late.  The snow is receding at an alarming rate from the valley floor.  The other night I woke up to the sound of rain pounding on our metal roof.  Although cloudy today, we’ve also … Continue reading

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Snow Days

  We had the pleasure of extending our two week Christmas Vacation by two extra days due to heavy snow this week!  The kids were thrilled and played outside for hours and hours each day, filling our yard with snow … Continue reading

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Skating Bliss

Dear Dutch friends and family, I don’t know if you knew this, but turns out Montana is THE new skating destination!  We’ve had a weekend of pretty much complete skating bliss.  I hope you won’t get mad at me if … Continue reading

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I’m thankful for so much, really, it always is hard to narrow it down to a short list.  But right now, the last few days, I’m especially thankful for ice.  Clean, hard, clear ice and the chance it gives us … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be nice?

So Maarten and I sometimes joke with each other; why couldn’t you be Dutch, or why couldn’t you be from Montana?  Things would be so much easier… And the thing is, we are joking, because we both know full well … Continue reading

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A Fall Hike

Last week the kids had a long weekend, and we had spectacular weather to enjoy with it!  On Friday I met my mom and sister with all the kids and we took them on a short hike up near Whitefish.  … Continue reading

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Fall Delights

September just might be my favorite month.  It starts out still feeling like summer, and ends with such a delightful crisp chill to the evenings and mornings.  The colors are starting to show up on the hillsides around our house … Continue reading

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