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Wouldn’t it be nice?

So Maarten and I sometimes joke with each other; why couldn’t you be Dutch, or why couldn’t you be from Montana?  Things would be so much easier… And the thing is, we are joking, because we both know full well … Continue reading

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A Fall Hike

Last week the kids had a long weekend, and we had spectacular weather to enjoy with it!  On Friday I met my mom and sister with all the kids and we took them on a short hike up near Whitefish.  … Continue reading

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Fall Delights

September just might be my favorite month.  It starts out still feeling like summer, and ends with such a delightful crisp chill to the evenings and mornings.  The colors are starting to show up on the hillsides around our house … Continue reading

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Before we go…

The sunrise is coloring the sky over the mountains a lovely peachy-pink, a strong wind is blowing in the open windows, chasing out the heat of yesterday before the heat of today sets in.  The haze from forest fires that … Continue reading

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We had our first camping trip this weekend.  This morning I’m doing laundry, cleaning up, putting away, baking, playing catch-up.  The kids are dressed up as a knight, a baby, and a ‘girl that is sometimes a princess’.  I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

It was a delight to spend mothers day here, with my own mother, for the first time since I myself have become a mother.  Only somehow I managed to not get any photos of her and I together.  Typical. My … Continue reading

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**note:  I wrote this over a week ago, and now, with April looming, I figured it was about time I post it…** March in Montana doesn´t go for the proverbial Lion and Lamb thing (In like a lion, out like … Continue reading

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