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Before we go…

The sunrise is coloring the sky over the mountains a lovely peachy-pink, a strong wind is blowing in the open windows, chasing out the heat of yesterday before the heat of today sets in.  The haze from forest fires that … Continue reading

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We had our first camping trip this weekend.  This morning I’m doing laundry, cleaning up, putting away, baking, playing catch-up.  The kids are dressed up as a knight, a baby, and a ‘girl that is sometimes a princess’.  I’m pretty … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

It was a delight to spend mothers day here, with my own mother, for the first time since I myself have become a mother.  Only somehow I managed to not get any photos of her and I together.  Typical. My … Continue reading

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**note:  I wrote this over a week ago, and now, with April looming, I figured it was about time I post it…** March in Montana doesn´t go for the proverbial Lion and Lamb thing (In like a lion, out like … Continue reading

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Afternoon on the Ice

Oh oh oh.  What an afternoon.  My parents were gracious enough to come down and stay with our kids while Mylo slept so that Maarten and I could get out by ourselves for a skate, then I came back to … Continue reading

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The North Beach

A week before Christmas we rode our bikes down to an access to the North end of the lake we live on.  From late fall through the spring, the water level is down, exposing an expansive sandy beach.  It was … Continue reading

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Not that you’d know, since I’ve been absent from this blog much longer, but we were gone this past week.  Off rediscovering the delights of Forest Service campgrounds ( 8 bucks a nite and the purtiest locations…) and visiting with … Continue reading

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Slootje Springen

There was something Uncle Bart decided Sam needed to learn to do before we leave; something very important:  Slootje Springen. (all photos by bart)

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Sunday Afternoon on the Dike

It was cold and blustery, but delightful, for all that.  Have I mentioned I’ll miss the dike? Oh yes, I will.

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Montana Wildlife Facts

  1.  My brother recently sighted a mountain lion from our back porch in America (our house is in a village)  2.  I now know someone who has been attacked by a Grizzly 3.  Dead deer on the side of … Continue reading

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