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Peace on Earth

I’m going into this Christmas season feeling fragile and a bit sad, amidst all the little joys that fill our days.  It’s the shooting in Connecticut last Friday (not to mention the one in Portland just before), of course, but … Continue reading

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It’s March.

It’s March.  It isn’t really Spring yet.  It’s 2 degrees Celsius with a biting wind.  But the sun is shining.  And we have crocuses and snowdrops, with sightings of daffodils not too far from here.  So this afternoon we opened … Continue reading

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I voted

I voted this evening in the national elections for the new parliament… It’s kind of hard to choose.  You know, should I go with the CDA?  Or maybe the PvdA?  Or SP, VVD, PVV, D66, SGP… And those are just … Continue reading

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Ode to Orange

So the Dutch Parliament fell Saturday night.  All those involved had little private chats with the Queen today (reminds me of when I take Noa or Sam aside to hear what ‘really’ happened) and elections will be held sometime in June (yours truly … Continue reading

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