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Winter’s Last Hurrah

The birds are starting to chirp at 6:30 and it is light when my eldest leaves on his bike at 7:30. These are things I have been anticipating eagerly for some time now. I am happy to be heading into … Continue reading

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My table is shaking as I type. There is another ‘wind event’ of sorts today. Force 10, I heard, but judging from the spray that is flying off the lake and coming in through the cracks of our upstairs dormer … Continue reading

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Not a Fan

Amos, it turns out, really hates, I mean like abhors, the wind and wet. Which means, as he lets us know on a daily basis, that he is decidedly not a fan of Dutch fall and winter. Spring won’t be … Continue reading

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I’ve been feeling fragile for awhile now. A month or so.  I keep so busy navigating the needs and worries of my high-sensitive kids that I sometimes forget to attend to my own sensitivities. They came by it honestly, after … Continue reading

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The Bike Chronicles IV :: Wind

  Wind. A calm day with no movement in the air is a rare thing here. It seems there is always at least a breeze, often a stiff breeze or light wind, and just as regularly a strong wind bordering … Continue reading

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I always love looking at my palette next to my finished art; the chaos behind the creation. So much of the painting is in there, in the colors. I feel like the palette of my days is finally, finally, starting to … Continue reading

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I’m learning to put creative aspirations aside in the Summer; I’m able to enjoy the time with my kids much more if I’m not fretting about not doing enough artwork on the side.  So this Summer I essentially resolved to do … Continue reading

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