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Creeping In

When we first moved back, a lot of people were curious about our kids and how they identify themselves: do they feel more Dutch (after all they were born here and lived here the first 7, 5 and 2 years … Continue reading

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Winter’s Last Hurrah

The birds are starting to chirp at 6:30 and it is light when my eldest leaves on his bike at 7:30. These are things I have been anticipating eagerly for some time now. I am happy to be heading into … Continue reading

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  I have written before about juggling two cultures and all the traditions and holidays that come with that. Fourteen years in I feel like I am starting to get the hang of it. Halloween was the first big US … Continue reading

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Creative Juices

  I have a hard time calling myself an artist. For the longest time, and still, on bad days, I believed that artists had magical creative juices flowing through them, filling them up and spilling out into beautiful works of … Continue reading

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The Bike Chronicles III :: Amsterdam

Biking in the Netherlands. It may beat hagelslag, old city centers, museums and the sea in terms of what I love about living here. It ranks right up there with affordable universal health care. I have so many anecdotes related to … Continue reading

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Dates like that with visible history still blow my mind. This church we passed on our bike ride today was built that year. The sign says it now serves as a starting point for some pilgrims walking to Santiago de … Continue reading

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Feeding a Family of Five…

…from a mini fridge. I should start a new blog. Except I’m pretty sure it involves too much take-out Chinese food, cold cereal and bread to really shine in today’s health-conscious home-made world.  We are doing our best. And I … Continue reading

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I always love looking at my palette next to my finished art; the chaos behind the creation. So much of the painting is in there, in the colors. I feel like the palette of my days is finally, finally, starting to … Continue reading

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I’m learning to put creative aspirations aside in the Summer; I’m able to enjoy the time with my kids much more if I’m not fretting about not doing enough artwork on the side.  So this Summer I essentially resolved to do … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Belgium

I feel compelled to write something, say something, today.  It started out hard, hearing about the attacks in Brussels just as we were in the rush of getting the kids out the door this morning.  Maarten checked the Dutch news … Continue reading

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