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We had a low-key, cozy Saint Nicholas celebration this year; since moving back to America, Sinterklaas has taken a back seat gift-wise, just as Christmas did when we were in the Netherlands.  Balancing and celebrating both traditions has always been … Continue reading

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Get your Skates on

It’s shaping up to be a pretty phenomenal early skating season.  Snow-free cold is predicted to stick around through this week.  We skated on a little pond close to our friends’ house on Saturday; Wednesday when the kids are out … Continue reading

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Sint Nikolaas

Well, our first 5th of December in America… I must say the kids didn’t blink an eye at not being able to set their shoe in the weeks leading up to the 5th, and no bag of presents waiting on … Continue reading

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Movie theaters, Heineken, Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet

Not that they have anything in common. Last night Maarten and I went out to dinner and a movie.  Before the previews there was a Heineken commercial, and it made me chuckle.  In the Netherlands, such an advertisement would have … Continue reading

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Holliday Update

While mostly absent here, Sinterklaas was a very REAL presence in our lives this year.  He came to visit while we were celebrating Pakjes Avond at Maarten’s brother’s home.  He came after dark, his 3 Zwarte Pieten banging on the windows and doors.  Sam … Continue reading

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Awhile back I asked Noa to draw Sinterklaas on our window.  He’s been in the country for a few weeks now; Monday is pakjes avond already.  She happily got out the window paints and went to work.  Drawing not Sinterklaas, but Santa Claus.  … Continue reading

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In Between

It’s been awhile.  Somehow Thanksgiving has come and gone as well as the 5th of December (when Sint Nikolaas gets serious; stops filling shoes and brings a burlap sack full of gifts before heading home to Spain…).  We’ve had snow and freezing … Continue reading

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Welcome, Sint!

This morning I drove into town to get some groceries in a somber mood.  Sint Nicolaas arrives on his steamboat from Spain this afternoon while the kids still have piles of candy from the other Saint earlier this week.  I see weeks … Continue reading

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